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The three pillars for Sustainable transport

Scania’s customers do not have to wait to adapt their businesses to the new transport system – commercially viable solutions for our customers are available here and now. Scania already offers a broad range of products to support our customers’ operations, combining sustainability with profitability.

Scania’s approach to sustainable transport rests on three pillars – energy efficiency, alternative fuels and electrification, and smart and safe transport. Individually or together, and when combined with our unique flow thinking, these three pillars can help make our transport systems cleaner, safer and more efficient, by reducing CO2-emissions, traffic congestion and accidents. This seamless integration between vehicle technology and enhanced transport flows is the basis of our solutions. In doing so, we are able deliver enhanced customer profitability while driving the shift towards a more viable transport system.

Many companies face increasing demand from their customers to deliver their services in a responsible manner, taking account of emissions, for example. There are still legal and incentive structures to consider, but, in pure economic terms where there are favourable cost supplies fuel, our customers can be sustainable and profitable now. Despite this, for some the thought of switching to sustainable technologies brings a fear of the new, mixed with worries about the cost to their total operating economy. Scania’s understanding of how our customers operate means we can demystify the process and guide them towards tailored, profitable solutions.

While there is no single technology that can make a company carbon-free overnight – at least not today – there are many small steps businesses of all shapes and sizes can take to improve both profitability and sustainability, using the regular combustion engine running on biofuels and hybrids.

Through our holistic approach, Scania works with our customers, customers’ customers and stakeholders such as local authorities, applying our flexible range of solutions to meet their specific demands, suited for each specific local market conditions. Depending on the flow: in and between cities, in industries or in long distance logistics, our tailor-made solutions differ in functionality and optimisation. No matter the situation, Scania can present customers with the vehicles and service solution that makes sense to them here and now.