The great local player

The great local player

Scania is a big local employer in various cities around the world. Wherever we are present we take an interest in the daily life of the local community and the things that are important to them.

We want to help ensure there are a broad range of activities in the community. Nevertheless, we do not go into partnership with just any organisation. We still want to talk and educate people about how we all can act in a more sustainable way. Our 48,000 employees around the globe and their families can also have an important role to play in talking and even acting on sustainability in their communities.

Where do we engage?

We have not decided on any selected themes in sports, arts or other areas. We are led by the specific local circumstances into what is exciting, interesting and engaging for the community in question. But what we do want is for our partners to help us to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. So, when we sponsor a sports team, we look into the team’s travel schedule and help it to travel sustainably. We also provide education and information to children’s teams (and their families) on how we all can act more sustainably. Or perhaps we help festival organisers to arrange their event in a more sustainable way.

If you would like to be a partner with Scania at a local level, please be prepared to tell us how you and your organisation can help us to educate your community on sustainability.

Our local community partners include:

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