Special-purpose trucks

Society relies on special-purpose vehicles to keep functioning. These can range from vehicles for rescue and firefighting right through to cleaning and refuse handling trucks and defence and peace keeping vehicles. Many of these vehicles are used by people who put their own lives at risk to protect and help others, meaning reliability is paramount.

Special-purpose trucks are complex, but Scania can always provide a solution that covers the cab, engine, gearbox, chassis and all the services needed. This also includes specialised products like the Scania CrewCab and low-entry cab. Vehicles that run on renewable fuels is another Scania specialty. Scania can supply trucks with engines adapted for ethanol with the same efficiency as a modern diesel engine, as well as trucks that are compatible with up to 100% biodiesel. And of course it all comes with the reliability that has made Scania famous and a preferred choice, worldwide.

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