Mobility Services

At Scania, we are always responding to the rapid changes within the transport industry and the changes of our customers’ needs.

This is also true for the field of urban mobility where more and more people like to use digital mobility services that allow them to use different types of transport without necessarily having to own them. Scania has discovered an opportunity to facilitate mobility within the city and eliminate waste at the same time.

We have started a pilot project at our headquarters in S?dert?lje, where we test an app that includes Scania owned shuttles, buses and electric bikes, called Scania Go. The goal is to ultimately offer a solution for the challenges that our customers encounter when it comes to urban mobility: namely traffic jams and lack of parking spaces. Users can experience Mobility as a Service first hand and give feedback to our developers, which, together with continuous monitoring, helps us to better understand the needs of our customers.

If you are interested in Mobility Services and want to get in contact with Scania email us at