Industrial engines

Scania’s robust industrial engines can be found in use in some of the toughest environments in the world, from transporting gravel on Dubai’s largest construction sites to harvesting crops in Guangdong, and from crushing concrete in Sydney, to loading goods in Amsterdam port.

These engines provide generous torque at low revs, a prompt engine response and are built to last. It’s not at all unusual for a Scania engine to be run in excess of 20,000 working hours. It’s not surprising then that in machines that you have to rely on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year you’ll find Scania engines. Look around the world’s construction sites and you will find engines from Scania Engines in dump trucks, wheel loaders, stone crushers and machines for road maintenance.

Whichever engine chosen, it has well-known Scania advantages, like low fuel consumption, low life cycle costs and tried and tested quality.

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