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Scania Power No 2/2019

  • Is China the land of opportunity? This businessman certainly thinks so. Meet Mr Zhou, Managing Director for AGG Power who in just six years have become the No 1 exporter of gensets in China. With Scania’s 13 and 16-litre engines the company can meet the increasing demand from customers seeking low-emission engines.
  • Scania Engines is well positioned in China, with its low-emission engines and more than 50 years’ presence in the market. Scania special adviser Mats Harborn, who has lived in China for almost 30 years, shares with us his insights into this vast country and its move to a more value-driven economy.
  • What connects a carpenter with a doctor, or a teacher with a plumber? The answer is the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, an organisation consisting of 2,200 specially trained, brave volunteers. They are on call to go out, at any time to save lives. And they need reliable machinery, with engines that are ready to run in any weather.

Scania Power No 1/2019

  • Two new Scania-powered Doosan dump trucks was unveiled at this year’s Bauma. Meet the persons behind the testing of the engines together with the dump trucks and what they think of choosing Scania to power their products.
  • Since 2011 Scania have connected more than 360,000 vehicles to join the internet of things. Now it’s time for engines to be connected. Meet Claes Jakobsson, Head of Connected Services & Solutions that outlines the significant customer benefits of going digital.

Scania Power No 3/2018

  • In the fiercely competitive US agricultural equipment industry, Oxbo International stands out, due to its customer relationships, reliability and attention to detail. Faced with meeting Tier emissions they came across Scania’s engines. The engines combined with the prompt and professional service response supports Oxbo meeting their customer’s expectations.
  • For Kauahi Ngapora, General Manager of Maori-owned tour operator Whale Watch, cherishing the twin values of hospitality to visitors and reverence for the natural world are important. “We make a living from nature, so we need to do what we can to minimise our impact.”
    With a 95 percent success rate – to view giant sperm whales – they take visitors out to sea the sustainable way.
  • When tested in power performance, emission index, usage, and maintenance, the Scania engine went off with flying colours. China’s Jinchuan Group has steadily become one of the world’s biggest metal mining groups, and their trackless mining equipment is now powered by Scania.

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Scania Power No 2/2018

  • Quad engine installations give the wind farm support vessels the power they need to transport engineers to keep up the maintenance on UKs wind farms. Read more about how four Scania engines can save both time and save fuel.
  • Ecotanker II is an inland tanker fully powered by liquified natural gas (LNG) and electricity. The ship transports mineral products to and from refineries in the Netherlands.
  • German farmers have strong incentives to make biogas out of their fresh cow dung. AgriKomp, a leading creator of renewable energy systems, is there to help them out, using a Scania engines to power its biogas plants.

Read more in issue 2 2018

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Scania Power No 1/2018

  • As the world’s cities expand, buildings becoming taller and bridges wider, the need for cranes to build cities, houses and bridges continues to grow. Kobelco’s huge new cranes reach farther and can lift loads of 300 tonnes or more. And they are powered by engines from Scania.
  • Focused on generators only. FOGO is the result of an inspirational moment by owner Tomasz Blasak. Learn more about this Polish company and how they use Scania engines.
  • Brazil’s energy crisis has led to an increase in biomass for energy purposes. Sugarcane bagasse, charcoal and wood chips are some of these. Scania in Brazil recognised the growing opportunities to supply engines for the woodchipper industry. Meet Otávio Cesar Fonseca de Barros at Scania Engines in Brazil and hear his thoughts about this rising business.

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Scania Power No 3/2017

  • Here you can read about the Italian newcomer BioBrent that makes cogenerators that allow companies such as Mecc Alte, a producer of synchronous alternators, to realise big savings in both energy and money.
  • It’s a Scania heart that beats in these machines.
  • From the US we brought you a story of how Scania’s proactive approach to Tier 4 (Final) emissions solutions finds a match with Rain for Rent, an enterprising liquid-handling company that epitomises the value of being prepared.

Read more in issue 2 2017

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Scania Power No 2/2017

  • Read about the ferry to paradise. Scania engines will soon be powering passenger ferries around the Andaman islands.
  • SGV Group’s new vessel, the MS Diamond, has recently begun navigating Lake Lucerne under hybrid power aided by a powertrain that’s based on a Scania 13-litre six-cylinder diesel engine.
  • A quiet and smokeless revolution is taking place in Scania’s marine engine range, due to the use of common rail direct fuel injection technology.

Read more in issue 2 2017

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Scania Power No 1/2017

  • Read about Oshkosh’s new aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles powered by twin Scania V8 engines.
  • Well ahead of when the Stage V emission standards takes effect in 2019, Scania’s engines will be ready with tried-and-tested solutions. Meet Van Davenport who talks about his work with engine calibration at the performance and testing department.
  • Green Power Solutions in Australia delivers sustainable power-generations systems to customers. Meet Danny Williams, the driving force behind the company.

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Scania Power No 3/2016

  • Generator manufacturer Maxi Trust has a leading position in the Brazil energy generation market, with a growing customer base. Scania engines are powering the company’s flagship products.
  • In an idyllic corner of the English countryside, a world-leading pump manufacturer quietly goes about its business, producing equipment powered by Scania engines that’s increasingly being used around the globe.
  • Needing a new challenge and seeking to broaden her horizons, Nayane Godoi Mackenzie-Smith swapped South America for Europe; “I am from Brazil, was based in Brazil, and the majority of South American demand came from Brazil,” she says. Now, as Product Manager for power generation engines and gensets, she has the global responsibility she craved.

Read more in issue 3 2016

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Scania Power No 2/2016

  • The M/S Silverpilen breaks the waves in the Stockholm archipelago, powered by IMO Tier III engines.
  • In the English channel, just off the coast of Normandy, French company CMN tests its specially-designed patrol vessel, the Ocean Eagle 43.
  • The first marine V8 was produced exactly 100 years ago, created by Gustaf Eriksson, a designer who joined Scania-Vabis in 1913.

Read more in issue 2 2016

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Scania Power No 1/2016

  • It’s 2 a.m. at a Japanese ski resort, and an operator climbs into a Scania-powered snowgroomer, to start a long day of work up and down the slopes.
  • Beeleen is the biggest demolition and recycling company in Netherlands. Read how Scania is playing an ever-increasing role in the company’s work.
  • Gas engines are now part of power generation. Andreas Stenemyr talks more about Scania’s latest contribution to reaching its sustainability goals.

Read more in issue 1 2016

Deep cooperation

  • As well as meeting the strictest emission standards, the new Scania-powered Atlas Copco compressor offers improved fuel efficiency.
  • Targeted training helps Scania’s application engineers further improve their expertise in marrying engines with customers equipment.
  • The Scania foundry at S?dert?lje, Sweden has turned 100 years. See a video and learn more about where the Scania engine is born.

Read more in issue 2 2015

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When reputation means everything

  • Meet Joel Granath, who is looking forward to a new challenge as Head of Scania Engines.
  • At Svalbard the pilot vessel Elling Carlsen, powered by twin V8 cuts through the choppy sea. Read all about the vessel and their every-day work in one the world’s most extreme environments.
  • Learn more about Scania Dealer Operating Standard and meet the team at Scania Berlin-Tempelhof workshop.
  • And last but not at all least, the new high power engine has seen the light-of-day. Meet the powerful V8 with maximum output of 1150 hp.

Read more in issue 1 2015

Other languages: German; Spanish; French; North America

A reliable partner

  • Strong and reliable engines make the difference between profit and loss for lobster fishers in the United States.
  • Scania’s modular system improves flexibility and accessibility and speeds up service and maintenance.
  • Highlights from Scania’s more than hundred years of experience from marine engines.

Read more in issue 2 2014

Other languages: German; Spanish; French; North America

TaxiBot takes off

  • Man on a mission – read about Aaron Fritz that loves seeing the impact a little knowledge can make.
  • JET FUEL SAVER – Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most brilliant.
  • Going simple to be ADVANCED – Effective solutions don’t have to take years of R&D and cost a fortune.

Read more in issue 1 2014

Serving seas – Cooperation keys success.

  • Serving the seven seas – read about Nogva in Norway and their key factors to successful business.
  • Get a full picture of emission regulations all over the world. Scania can supply any market with an industrial engine using the same engine platform.
  • Charan Joseph D’Souza has been working with Scania engines for more than 14 years. He is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Read about him and his everyday work for Scania distributor Al-Shirawi.

Read more in issue 4 2013

Mud, sweat and gears – harvesting in Flanders.

  • Johan Huyghe, owner of Jona-Agri drives his tracked harvester over clay that no other machine can get through. Read all about the challenge of harvesting in West Flanders, Belgium.
  • Ready for four – Scania’s Stage IV and Tier 4 final compliant engines meet all performance demands in real applications.
  • In Roman Patocki’s job as Scania mechanic, he meets a variety of different Scania-powered applications.

Read more in issue 3 2013

Big crush

  • the big crush in France
  • the three marine siblings
  • Leslie from South Africa works as fleet commander in UK.

Read more in issue 2 2013

Ready to Rumble with rubble

  • Cream of the crop – Marani Industrial is the only company in Argentina that specialises in the production of self-propelled forage harvesters. Today two of its models are propelled by Scania engines, and a third, using a Scania 650 hp V8 engine, is under development.
  • Outback operation – A dramatic increase in fuel efficiency was a welcome bonus for minerals drilling company JSW Australia
  • Mr Fix-it – Philip Th?rhammar’s days are spent testing and adjusting engines to ensure maximum performance.

Read more in issue 1 2013

Field test – High-capacity harvesters

  • Lüder’s alps – When Helmut Lüder needed new equipment for his recycling business, the most important thing was that it should have a Scania engine.
  • Melinda is a fighter and a fixer – Melinda Tairi takes her talents to the track, the mat and the workshop in Australia.
  • Making waves – In New York harbour, a state-of-the-art hybrid yacht is setting new standards in environmental performance.

Read more in issue 4 2012

Reliable reach stackers – a boost for business

  • Scania engines boosts Doosan articulated dumper trucks.
  • Konecranes lift trucks link land, sea and air freight together.
  • Steve at Scania USA unveils how to find an engines sweet spot for maximum fuel economy.

Read more in issue 3 2012

New 16-litre engine rules the waves

  • Downtime not an option for Nordhavn in Denmark.
  • Stephane Rouillard in France ensures that it’s “all systems go” for Scania marine engines.
  • Built to protect – all about a Scania powered catamaran in Queensland, Australia

Read more in issue 2 2012

Rugged Scania-engined crusher

  • Introducing Scania’s new engines
  • Terex runs tough tests on Scania products
  • No such thing as a “normal day”

Read more in issue 1 2012

Pushing pumps further

  • Mining support
  • Modern irrigation on the move
  • Troubleshooting in South Africa

Read more in issue 4 2011

The backup beauty

  • The secret of longer engine life
  • Spotlight on genset
  • Working as Application Engineer in Germany

Read more in issue 3 2011

A good catch

  • More power in a complete package
  • Paper mill field-tests prototype
  • Reliable lobster boat engine in Maine
  • Trend watch: Reduced emissions

Read more in issue 2 2011

Crush on recycling

  • Details that enhance performance
  • US partners support growth
  • Five green construction trends

Read more in issue 1 2011

Expansion in North America

Certified Scania workshops offer professional service support.

Read more in issue 4 2010

North Sea Challenge

Read about Europe’s fast-growing offshore wind farm industry.

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Clean speed ahead

Read about repowering of Lady Washington and boating in Brasil.

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Focused engine strategy

Read about Tier 4, Power in the USA and how to light up Rio.

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Powering Finland’s BORDER CONTROL

Read about the carbon smart, Multi-trailer power, Global assistance

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Read about the energy in the Emirates, electricity from waste and parallel power

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Read about the new fuel injection sysem, the Irish tiger and V8 turns 40

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Ships’ best mate

Read about power on the Argentinian ski slopes, trusted bunker barge and service at the top.

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Repowering flagship

Read about how Scania is prepared for the future, renewable energy and a flexible terminal solution.

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Read about parallel connections, Riga’s power house and first class service.

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The power of Science

Read about the Ships made to order, the Quality, tried and tested and the Coral views.

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Repowering the royal barge

Read about the New Zeeland road to renewable fuel, the pride of London, the Queens Barge, powered by Scania engines and the Norwegian research vessel powered by diesel-electric system.

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