Research and Development

Research and Development

Scania has a strong focus on Research and Development in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology and drive development within the industry.

The focus is on sustainable solutions and minimal climate impacts. Every detail within the area of design, construction, and systems is continually being improved in order to meet demands from the community and customers.

Innovation is encouraged within Research and Development and the focus is on solutions for the future. Each project begins by considering the needs of customers, the changing world around us, the legislation in force, and what our competitors are doing. Each change has an effect on the whole. Fuel consumptions is weighed against engine power, weight against safety and cargo capacity. However, quality is always the highest priority.

The area of R&D covers the whole chain from the underlying research, construction and testing through to quality assurance within production and in customer vehicles in service on the world’s roads. Our aim is to maintain a broad competence so that we can ensure that Scania retains its leading position within the automotive industry.

Research and Development operations are mainly located in S?dert?lje, Sweden, with some 3,500 employees. Scania also has some Research and Development operations in Brazil and India. One of Scania’s goals is to continually increase its understanding of customers’ needs and challenges. For this reason, the company strives to place Research and Development staff in strategic positions in different parts of the world.

Roles within Research and Development

There is a wide range of positions with Research and Development. These are a few examples of the types of roles available and the associated duties.

Calculation Engineer

  • conducts calculations (for example, strength calculations, collision calculations, vehicle dynamics and flow calculations), evaluates, documents and then reports results
  • develops models and methods
  • has frequent contact with colleagues in testing and construction, software suppliers, component suppliers and customers

Functional Developer

  • develops functions by creating specifications of requirements in terms of functions, performance, quality and customer needs
  • checks the working of functions in vehicles and collects information from end customers and field tests
  • has contact with internal and external suppliers

Design Engineer

  • tasks can cover everything from the initial idea, the prototype and finished component to development for particular production units and Aftermarket
  • responsible for designing, calculating, analysing, testing, and driving forward their own work
  • work in close cooperation with Testing, Design, Purchasing and Production

Materials Engineer

  • initiates and runs material projects for the next generation of products
  • recommends materials and makes assessments of the materials’ functions in various applications and environments.
  • Works closely with Design, Production, Purchasing, and Aftermarket in various development projects

Software Engineer

  • works with modelling/design, programming and verification
  • involved in a development team that works together to develop software for built-in real time systems
  • works closely with functional developers and system architects

Project Manager

  • leads, plans and communicates projects
  • follows upon all project activities/milestones and deviations
  • conducts economic calculations for products and projects

Test Engineer

  • drives the technical development of Scania’s products together with our designers
  • conducts internal and external tests from the planning stage through to analysis and documentation
  • develops their own test equipment and methods

System Developer

  • works with new development and further development of systems for our products and production tools
  • their works takes in the whole of the development chain from analysis and requirement specification to system design, implementation, testing and documentation.
  • works closely Scania’s test team and drives forward work to ensure that systems meet the needs of customers

Research & Development

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