Production and Logistics

Production and Logistics

Production offers the opportunity for you to challenge yourself and the people around to constantly search for smarter and better ways of working. Continuous improvement is a natural part of day-to-day activities.

Scania has production facilities in Europe and Latin America and assembly plants in Africa and Asia. The strategy is to work with continuous improvements in order to minimise workplace injuries, increase efficiency and develop working methods. All employees contribute to the improvement work, something that generates both engagement and pride.

The work is often done in teams, working closely with co-workers and managers, and each individual is given the opportunity to develop in their day-to-day work. The demands for quality are high and mean responsibility is shared by the entire team.

Demand for well-trained technicians is always high and young graduates have ample opportunities to develop both in the areas of modern management and their specialisations. Cross-functional contact allows for increased understanding of the product, from research and development right through to finished product.

Roles within Production and Logistics

There is a wide variety of roles within Production and Logistics. Here are some examples of roles and their associated duties.

Production Technician

  • improves and develops the production process for our assemblers and operators
  • acquisition or development of equipment for production
  • coordination and responsibility for large and smaller scale projects related to production

Product Processor

  • ensures the product is adapted to the demands and specifications of Scania’s production facilities
  • ensures that the product is made easy to assemble and test
  • puts together and updates the instructions used by assembly


  • assembles engines, pumps and injectors, axles, gear boxes or bus or truck chassis
  • responsible for quality and preventive maintenance within their own area of expertise
  • actively participates in the improvement work

Material Planner

  • responsible for ensuring that material and products are in place at the right time and in the right amount
  • planning and monitoring of material in view of the needs of production
  • works cross functionally which means on-going contact with external suppliers, purchasing and construction

Material Handler

  • handles goods and products and ensures the supply of materials to the production line
  • actively participates in improvement work

Logistics Developer

  • is responsible for planning and executing logistics projects in close collaboration with the production line organisation
  • participates in on-going change projects
  • works with deviation handling

Project Manager

  • plans, leads and coordinates the activities within the project
  • ensures the execution of project time plans
  • develops existing project management tools and methods, and develops new ones when the need arises

Work areas within Scania

With 49,000 employees in 100 countries, we are strategically placed where our customers need us, wherever they operate.

Research and Development operations are based in S?dert?lje, with some 3,500 employees. Scania’s aim is to use customers’ specific needs to develop high-quality products, services and solutions with short lead times.

We have production units in seven countries in Europe and in Latin America, with some 12,400 employees working to ensure production, quality and delivery. There is a focus on continuous improvements within the areas of production, working environment and safety.

The IT area requires many resources and solid expertise in order to be able to deliver solutions to all parts of Scania’s operation.

Scania′s organisation also encompasses a wide variety of different areas of operation for conducting business affairs, selling products and services, and providing support to the organisation.