Moderation policy

Moderation policy

At the Scania Career blog you can follow some of our professionals and those who participate in our introduction programmes and gain an insight into their working life at Scania.?

This website complements Scania’s corporate careers site. At the career site you will find information about Scania as an employer, our work areas and our offer to graduates.

Commenting posts

We encourage visitors to comment on our articles, preferably in English. When leaving a comment on this site you must respect intellectual property rights and protect sensitive information. Comments are moderated and may therefore be subject to a delay before they are made public.

Comments will not be made public if they:

  1. Are detected to be spam. The site uses a anti-spam filter that will block such content.
  2. Are deemed to be content from fake or linked blogs. These will be deleted. The same goes for pornographic or other offensive sites. We will do our best to monitor this.
  3. Are not related to the post. If you have a question regarding Scania as an employer, please refer to?Career Contact.
  4. ?Are abusive, profane or defamatory towards a person.
  5. In our view, will cause offense or be perceived as unacceptable message to the public.