Solutions for leaner, greener value chains

Solutions for leaner, greener value chains

Transportation is central to industries’ value chains: a smooth logistical process is key to greater profitability. Yet for many businesses there remains huge potential for cutting waste, achieving cost savings, and reducing environmental impact. Scania’s vehicles, services and flow thinking provide our customers with solutions for leaner and more climate smart value chains.

Scania takes a holistic approach to industry flows. With customers from forestry, mining, factories, ports and construction sites, we analyse the production journey from raw material to finished product. We identify hidden waste. Then we suggest actions to make processes leaner and devise a complete solution for the overall logistical flow.

Vehicle as part of value chain

The core of Scania’s approach is seeing our vehicles as part of the production value chain. For example, by positioning raw material correctly, a forester can load timber quicker and safer onto trucks for transport. Through Scania Driver Training and Coaching, a construction company driver can cut on-site idling time to reduce fuel consumption.

Another example of Scania’s lean solutions for industry value chains is Scania Site Optimisation, a framework of tools for the mining industry. This takes a holistic view of mining transport operations to find and target bottlenecks in those flows using information relayed from communication units in each vehicle.

The vehicle is fundamental. Scania’s new XT range has been designed for many different customer applications. The Scania Heavy Tipper’s 40-tonne payload is suited for working in mines, while the gas-powered XT truck’s 13-litre gas engine makes it ideal for the rigours of construction transport assignments, with significantly reduced carbon emissions.

Services anticipate customers’ needs

It’s crucial to avoid disruptions, and our broad specifications are complemented by services to ensure uptime, reliability and profitability. Using the data Scania collects from over 360,000 connected vehicles, our services include targeted repair and maintenance contracts, finance and insurance, the Scania Fleet Management system (including Trailer Control) and application-based Driver Training and Coaching that can be adapted to drivers’ specific industries.

As well as allowing Scania to create smarter services, connectivity enables the use of smart and safe autonomous or semiautonomous technology in closed areas such as mines or container terminals.