Climatic tunnel

Climatic tunnel

Europe’s largest climatic wind tunnel helps Scania design vehicles for just about every market.

The climatic wind tunnel at the Scania Technical Centre in S?dert?lje, Sweden, enables trucks and buses to be operated in simulated climatic conditions.

The facility can accommodate full-size trucks and buses and is the largest of its kind in Europe. It was inaugurated in 2013 and represents an investment of SEK 400 million. The air channel system can produce snow and rain of various types and intensity, and the fan can simulate everything from a -35 degrees C arctic wind to a 50 degrees C desert storm. It can generate blazing hot sun to freezing snowstorms – all in a week.

Increased product quality

The facility will help optimise future vehicles for better performance and fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and for lower noise. For Scania, being able to conduct research under controlled conditions means having shorter lead times for product development. It also means being able to provide tailored solutions for new markets and new segments that have extremely varied climate conditions. The result for the company’s customers is better quality products and services.