Autonomous Transport Solutions

Autonomous Transport Solutions

In the automotive industry Scania has always been at the forefront of innovative trucking solutions. Autonomous transport is no exception.

“Self-driving trucks are one of the many pieces of the puzzle that Scania is developing on the road towards safe, sustainable and fossil-free transport solutions,” says Scania’s President and CEO Henrik Henriksson.

Scania’s autonomous transport solutions have been developed in cooperation with leading technology suppliers and academic institutions. The self-driving trucks, which without driver intervention can operate in closed-off environments, will eventually be seen on public roads and motorways.

A holistic approach

Self-driving trucks are only one element of Scania’s autonomous transport solutions. Autonomous Transport Solutions is a complete system that encompasses handling logistics, the assignment of tasks to vehicles, and information sharing between vehicles and infrastructure. Each transport solution is individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

With their in-built intelligence, the trucks have the ability to interpret and adapt to their surroundings and carry out pre-determined tasks.

Industry first

Although the first stage of development tests the systems in industrial arenas such as mines and ports, the systems will be available for general road use in the not too distant future. Starting in the relatively controlled industrial settings to begin with offer Scania a unique opportunity to develop the systems thoroughly before they are used in more complex environments.

Automated platooning step by step:



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